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Carousels: all in one place

Cindy Tonkin - January 24, 2017

This pageĀ links to all of the carousel and tunnelĀ  books I’ve done so far, as well as other books from “altered” Golden Books. And here’s more.

This is 4 Parousels all together

There are two series:

  • Golden Books Series (“altered” from Golden Books)
  • Parousel Series (experimenting with photos from mostly Paris, plus maps and diagrams)

Here are the golden books series carousels (click on the name of the book to see it in full):

Here are the golden books series tunnels:

And the Parousel series carousels

And tunnels

And for completion, the other Golden Books altered into other book forms

For good measure here’s some other examples of Carousel Books (also called Star books) from Carol Barton.

And try my pinterest feed for carousel books, where I’ve found a heap of other ideas (getting inspired again!).

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