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Biennale UNSW/COFA 2024

Cindy Tonkin - April 29, 2024

Finally found something biennale 2024 that pleased me greatly.

Parts of the exhibition were clearly from existing collections (the William Yang history/photographs for example), just as the other exhibitions have been.

There seemed to be theme of family history or maybe just history.

Some of the pieces (William Yang’s photos, for example) seemed more like a artfully-presented well-executed family history projects, rather than art (in my book), but then the Benita Ely installation with photographs, also themed with family-related history was so much more.

So far the best bit of the Biennale 2024 for me. Haven’t yet been to White Bay, so awaiting that one (they say the venue is the most exciting part, but it will be exciting I’m sure!).

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