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Cindy Tonkin - February 6, 2024

I went to the Art Gallery of NSW to see a film (Pink Flamingos. Hated it, and left early).

I had time to kill so I browsed the ground floor of the old building.

They had a mini-exhibition on cubism, and I took some pix. I think I could do more work like this. For example

  • take some landscape photos I already have, my own or other peoples’, and re-configure them in a cubist way (with collage? with paint?)
  • ditto with portraits, or even with masters’ portraits, of which I have a plethora

Some of my collage works are close to cubism anyway so this won’t be a stretch. And I’ve always loved Stuart Davis.

Also, there’s one of someone’s room – which is something else I could make a series on (haven’t done any realistic interiors probably ever, except as inspired by Matisse, Vuillard, and Van Gogh)

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