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Patience of Ordinary Things

Cindy Tonkin - June 30, 2024

After I did this version of this poem I wanted to do one with the objects spelled out better.

I took this book about teachers from ABC Kids which i picked up on the street recently, and altered it.

Used some pastel coloured papers Paul gave me years ago to cover most of the pages. Took a few out so the book wouldn’t bulge, and that allowed me to use the removed pages, which were in fabulous colours, to create the images. I also used a bag from Blue Illusion (I didn’t know which boutique it was from in thhe video, now I remember).

I would like to do another take on it now, and I may well do it – using the text to draw / emphasise the words.

The poem is so beautiful.

I do love some of the gelato colours that come from this book – the opening page of mandarin and melon and orange colours just breaks my heart.

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