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Matisse Goldfish-inspired

Cindy Tonkin - January 15, 2022

Today’s collage subject was a Matisse – Poissons rouges et sculpture, from 1911.

I seem to have a strong preference for things done before 1920 – is there some charm in the 100 year old thing?

Saw the Matisse exhibition a few days ago – a retrospective from the Tate (i think) at AGNSW. Enjoyed it immensely, and then came home and found my Taschen book on Matisse, bought in New York in 2008 at the Strand Book store, and now I have a good dozen pieces I want to unlock with my scissors and glue.

This particular composition seems to tolerate a fair bit of imprecision – i see in the book that Matisse himself experimented with the same composition in several ways (and those are the works he kept).

Here are the images of my collages, including a few I did with stray offcuts which may or may not have been related to Matisse’s work.

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