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Robyn’s Maps

Cindy Tonkin - April 24, 2024

Robyn Kinsela gifts me the odd piece of interesting stuff to make with every time I visit her.

This time around a series of colour-printed survey maps.

I cut them all into round-cornered squares (the size of a metal box I bought some metal letters in when i was in Chicago in 2011). i’ve created a couple of narrow long pieces, yet to be completed, and this work in a 1m square frame i picked up in the street.

added on some random pieces of ephemera, notably a few windows cut out of my village houses. All of the colours are from the original maps. Still using the 15litre bucket of Bondcrete that Mitch left me. works fine!

Not sure it’s done or right, but for now it hangs in my lounge room

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