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Cindy Tonkin - March 1, 2024

The Banksy exhibition was, like Louise Bourgeois a few weeks ago, an emotional one for me (maybe it’s me who’s more sensitive right now, not the artists I’m seeing?).

I was simultaneously amused and enchanted by the sweetness and playful of some of his images and ideas (the play money and all of the accoutrements for Dismaland, for example), but also bummed out by the pessimism, cynicism and hopelessness.

We bought the VIP package which allowed us a t-shirt and a template with spray paints to make shirts. Here’s mine. They prewarned us that the templates with the little girl and the balloon had been over used and were fuzzy, but since it was before i saw the exhibition i had no attachment to any other image.

I generally don’t wear t shirts, and definitely not white, so I’ve passed the t shirt on to my flat mate, but it was an interesting thing to do. Turns out Posca markers, of which i have a million, also work as fabric paint, so maybe one day…

I had encountered Dismaland in some news zine I read years ago. Now I’ve seen models of it and photos of it and some of the stuff.

made me think. made me feel.

here are some images.

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