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Three bears carousel

Cindy Tonkin - June 8, 2016

This is part of my altered Golden Books series.
Three Bears illustrated by Feodor Rojankovsky.

the tricky thing is that photographing them makes them flatten out so you don’t quite get the fun of the 3d carousel in these pix.

i had to do a fair bit of wallpaper work for the background – not many of the illustrations had enough in them for 3 layers.

paper, golden book, glue (mostly glue stick as i’m travelling right now).
14 x 12 cm when folded shut

i’m worried about goldilocks’ head in the bed: it actually sticks out a little when the book is folded, since it’s just across the mid line.
see my wall paper work!
I extended these wall papers as well. this one looks really cool in reality because it really pushes the 3d aspect of this book.
the bowl was so big it had to go in, so you have to look hard to see my wallpaper work at the back
This combines three different images from the book. most of the others are single images that i’ve added to. Poor baby bear’s chair. Note some continuity errors too – the small chair in the background doesn’t look anything like the small broken chair that baby bear is fussing over!
the covers are leftover images
early stage photos (sorry, i only took two pages worth)

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