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Rupert the rhinoceros tunnel

Cindy Tonkin - June 2, 2016

Rupert is another tunnel in the golden book series.

The original book is Rupert the Rhinoceros.
Illustrations by tibor gergely like Daddies and Scuffy
Tried going one page deeper than usual.  Loved the deepest image best – Gergely’s crowd scenes are so wonderful.
Discovered it’s impossible to tell the whole story in a tunnel.  i can only tell a moment.
Rupert’s story is that he’s short sighted so he charges everything. He gets loose in New York and terrorizes the city. Then an optometrist gets him glasses. But people are still afraid. So the optometrist invites everyone to a party to meet Rupert to see he’s ok.
This tunnel is just the party invitation invitation.  I used the telephone box as a front cover/ door for the tunnel.

The secret thing about this book is that i needed a tree for the second last panel so that the crowd scene was far enough away.  I raided a Bambi golden book because there were no new York trees in Rupert (the African ones were no good).

So now we both know the secret. The colors were closer enough and the tree obscured enough for it to work.
Like the rest of the golden book series this book is 14x12cm. It’s around 2cm thick when closed.

I’m not really pleased with these photos which were taken in very low light: i forgot to document him when i finished him, and before I put my entire world into storage i took some pix.
for next time I prefer a more regular cut out on the sides of the book (in the Emperor’s new Clothes, for example, I used a circle cutter).

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