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Emperor’s new clothes

Cindy Tonkin - May 14, 2016

This tunnel book is the third kind of gusset: one long strip with pieces holding each page.

So I’ve made all 3 types I learnt about at context art.

This is from a Golden Book of Hans Christian Andersen’s Emperor’s New Clothes. The illustrations are by Richard Waltz. Gorgeous colours.

Book measures 12 x 14 cm when closed.

The gusset is 44cm long (so it doesn’t exceed the length of the arm).

Every time I do one of these I learn something.

I imagine the fingers that protrude may over time bend or break off – will see what happens (it’s possible that it won’t be opened that frequently.

I put the leftover illustrations on the backs of the pages, just because I could and i didn’t want to lose them. left the frames white (but I wanted to cover with dress pattern tissue: just didn’t want to detract from the illustrations).

The front “wardrobe” door is less elaborate than I envisioned, but it is an illustration from within the book (of 2 different walls which were almost the same).

The user holds the beads / threads and lets the book drop to open it.

these tunnel books are so deceptively simple (and more tricky to conceptualise than anything else).  

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