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Tunnel: Daddies altered

Cindy Tonkin - April 15, 2016

I acquired a ton of Little Golden Books when my mother moved house a few years ago.

I’ve been holding on to them, because I want to see all their spines in a work.

But each inside is so differently illustrated, they can’t be a single work.

This week I learnt to make a traditional tunnel book from Liz Powell at Contextart 2016.

This tunnel book is from the Little Golden Book Daddies.

To modern eyes it’s a sexist book about daddies going out to work while children play (the only women in the book are mothers and nurses. no women take the train or the bus to work). But for its time it was no doubt appropriate.

The illustrations by Tibor Gergely, especially the crowd scenes are delightful. So I have used them in this book.  

Also proud of this book because it’s the first successful piano hinge I have made!

The book measures 12.5cm x 12 cm x 1.8cm when closed.

The frames are decorated with pages from an old Petit Robert.

frames are made with mount board, gussets from canson paper.  

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