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Parousel Cycles

Cindy Tonkin - December 17, 2016

Another carousel with photos I took in Paris.

There are a few bicycles in there, so that’s why it’s called Parousel Cycles.

The 5 panels are, from the outside in:

  1. Escalator  at the Centre Beaubourg (Pompidou), Eiffel Tower details, Palais Royal – those lovely shiny balls on the black and white ground
  2. Bicycles in the Tuileries (or perhaps Les Jardins de Luxembourg?), the Musee d’Orsay, and Pizza Hut delivery cycles parked near the Gare de Lyon
  3. Passage Choiseul and Galerie Vivienne just around the corner from Hotel Stendhal where we stayed, and a Clock from Rouen (it isn’t Paris, but it was just right for this piece!
  4. The Hotel window at the Hotel Stendhal near Place Vendome in Paris, where we stayed during a heat wave (and were so happy for the air conditioning), the Tuileries (or possibly Place Royale?), Bicycle next to a bookstore, Galerie Vivienne
  5. Gargoyles from Notre Dame, and then the next two layers are stained glass from the Sainte Chapelle.

What I learnt from this piece

  • Windows and roofs make for great carousel outer layers.
  • There needs to be a decent gap between the the inner and second layers.
  • Lighter coloured inner layers work best
  • RSI results from cutting too much!

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