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Pano The Train Carousel

Cindy Tonkin - October 21, 2016

I love the illustrations in this Golden Book, Pano the Train. They’re by Giannini

Here’s a carousel.

The glory of this book was that much of the book repeated the same illustration (since it’s about a train who takes a journey down the hill from the top of the island to the bottom). I assume it’s set on a Greek island (somewhere in the Mediterranean anyway). The railway station guards are in a national costume that could be Greek.

It was faster than the others because I could pull bits from the other illustrations (less time spent expanding the illustrations with my watercolour pencils). Rupert the Rhinoceros took me 17 hours to do, because of the illustration element, for example.

I did create a brick viaduct to look through (which is the first image here), and extended sea and sky, but nowhere near the amount of work that went into Scuffy or even the Three Bears.

I don’t usually work in greens, but they work so well with this book!.

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