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Firemen Carousel

Cindy Tonkin - May 30, 2016

I made this carousel from the Fire Fighters Counting Book. It’s a Little Golden Book. The illustrations by Pat Stewart are so wonderfully 70’s. There’s a few flares and some long hair. The book is a counting book (8 fire hoses, 7 cats, 6 hats, etc).
I cut the pictures out to make them more 3d, and then extended the art work with water colour pencils to make up the gaps.
having made 3 tunnel books and another carousel before, this was way easier: there’s a real need to think in a different way to make it work. this one i was determined to not be too precious about – i figured if i made an error (which i did) i could cut the panel out and re-do it (which i did!).

With the scraps I made another concertina. Looks like I haven’t blogged it yet, so that will come and i’ll fix the link.
For future reference:
Each book is 14 x 12 cm
the pages are 12cm, 9cm, 7.5 cm (original dimensions from scuffy were 8 inches 7 inches 5 inches).
Remember to have a short tab at each end to attach to cover.
When doing the tabs to complete the tab is attached to the front piece.  No need for slots on the front piece.

Dimensions for a portrait version

14 cm
12.25 cm
8.75 cm (this feels tight and the middle one feels loose: look at cover-to-cover for another way to do dimensions)
Here’s the original book’s inside cover
And here are pix of my concertina

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