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Idea of an Audience

Cindy Tonkin - December 31, 2023

The title of this envelope series altered book comes from the quote – at all times, readers are advised, dress sit and move as if you have an audience. There’s something creepy about it, and also I feel that it’s something indoctrinated in me.

There’s kinda little difference between the make up and ageing and beauty experts in this book at their heart – it’s all about making people (women, mostly in the case of this book) feel that how they are isn’t good enough, and that they ahve to do things to themselves to be more pleasing.

Anyway, it’s quaint advice from the 60s.

This is mostly the dust jacket before and afters and a feature of candid shots from roving photographers saying “don’t wear rollers in public”, “don’t wear sneakers except on the tennis court”, and other things like “don’t let your slip show”.

The images say it all really.

It’s a concertina, all other details, listen to what i say in the video.

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