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Cindy Tonkin - July 19, 2008

No impro yet today.

Still waking up early – it’s hot and I’m still adjusting to the time zone I think.

Took a bus to the Museum of Contemporary Art. Jeff Koons was featured (turns out he went to art school in Chicago). The show included a porcelain Michael Jackson and Bubbles, a giant Easter Egg (hot pink with a silver interior – broken open, so the interior reflected things – I love reflections).

Never been a Jeff Koons fan. Can’t say I have changed. Building was indeed beautiful, as Museums of Contemporary Art seem to have to be.

Photo here is of the Water Tower, one of the few things to survive the 1871 Chicago fire. It’s surrounded by skyscrapers housing the Ritz Carlton, Macys and a Bentley dealership.

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