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Zoo scapes

Cindy Tonkin - July 28, 2008

My local “market” (supermarket) sells not only all kinds of alcohol, but a heap of medications – pseudo-ephedrine, anti-histamines, cough and cold medicine.

So having self-medicated this morning with an expectorant to melt the crap sitting on my chest I am enjoying a day at the zoo.

Lincoln Park Zoo is within walking distance of my place. Admission is free. So far I have to remark on the fact that 2 humped camels from China seem to be able to articulate their humps. Or one of them had a broken hump. Either way it looked quite strange.

Felt sorry for the lone kookaburra sitting bored on a branch sharing a room with an Indonesian mynah.

They have a couple of vultures bred in captivity. They are not afraid of people, so the keeper carries a long stick to fend them off.

This zoo, and especially the gorilla house was featured in Return to Me (romantic comedy – David Duchovny, Minnie Driver). This photo shows one of the big primates in the structure they pretended to build in that movie.

The place is full. Of course, on a Sunday in summer.

The kangaroos are on holiday somewhere else, but I saw an Australian marsupial called a Bettong. Like a large hopping rat. Aren’t they all?

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