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Whirled News

Cindy Tonkin - July 27, 2008

Show no. 1 for this evening: Whirled News Tonight.

They have a website with pod casts:

Here’s a photo of the ask fors – audience are asked when they arrive to cut out a headline and a couple of paragraphs from real newspapers set up on the stage.

The troupe is 9 people. + a director and a tech director. Tonight the cast is 5. The Director is in the audience (I only know because he was the monologist on Monday’s Armando).

A player reads out the news item, and they do a couple of scenes, the first one more or less directly related, and then more and more tangential. So pretty much short form, really.

There are two acts (the first was one hour as described).

The second act was a series of scenes, beginning with a single ask-for (“give me a word”) which was “blog”. The 8pm show finished on a laugh at 930.

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