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Solar powered Trash Receptacle

Cindy Tonkin - July 18, 2008

Yep, they exist. Solar powered trash receptacles.

According to my American sources, the solar power compacts the trash. We Australians have just so much to learn!!

Today I did learn a new version of big booty (not so different that it matters!). Otherwise we did more Armandos until we’d all been monologist (see how seamlessly I throw in the jargon?).

Then we did “organic” openings – ie 8 people on stage, someone makes an offer we make a picture or do some action or something (anything) until all 8 are involved in some way. And then we do something else, until there are 3 parts to it. Not scenic, just organic. Oddly enough, with such a vague explanation we managed to do something half way interesting.

So with an ask for of “turkey”, a team served each other turkey and ate it, then someone choked on the turkey, and they tag teamed a heimlich maneouvre till someone vomited (tasteful, yes)… And then they cleaned it up (with all kinds of tools), and someone turned into a turkey, they killed her and sliced her up. See?? Organic!

Saw Felt, the puppet show last night. They had curtains and a puppet stage where you couldn’t see the players.

As now seems to be the norm, there were a lot of sex and sexual scenes puppet to puppet – maybe it’s the kind of taboo it’s easier to play through when you’re not the player?

The hurdle is of course that players have few physical offers to make – and in this case, the players couldn’t really see their own or others’ puppets – so under that handicap it was amazing what they did!

This afternoon completes stage one… New teacher next week!!

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