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Armando and a show!!

Cindy Tonkin - July 17, 2008

OK Pete made me do it. I am at a show. Felt, the improvised puppet show.

Spent the afternoon Armando-ing. So that’s a true story (from a monologist), then a series of scenes on the themes. Of the story.

This theme thing is so damn groovy. We just never need to do it in theatresports – themed shows, sure, but we don’t explore a theme in successive scenes. And the late show could have been themic back when we did overclocked, but 54321 has been mostly story driven.

Anyway, it’s such a great mind pleaser, the theme!!! Thank you Cale for suggesting iO to me!

Love technology – I am blogging this on my blackberry, while waiting for show to start.

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