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Character – the 70

Cindy Tonkin - July 20, 2008

Yesterday I went to a 1 hour “lecture” on character.

The “lecturer”, Seth Thomas, took a 1st year linguistics text book and turned it into a checklist for creating a character.

He says 70% of human behaviour is non-verbal. If you make some conscious choices around those non-verbals then your character can be more than or different to you. If you don’t consciously choose then the character you build will “borrow” from your own non-verbals.

It’s incredibly simple. And useful. I have the checklist and will happily share it with you when I get back (seems little point in retyping the whole hour, plus it would make a really great workshop where you get to try it out rather than just talk about it!).

Off now to take a double decker bus around the city and get my bearings on what most people see in Chicago. I’m pretty familiar with the way to and from the iO theatre, and it seems there is more!!

Photo Hard Rock Cafe Chicago

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