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Cinderella clock learning

Cindy Tonkin - October 18, 2020

I made a Cinderella clock (formerly it was known as a Grandfather clock, then a Vampire clock, due to my lack of appropriate articulation, and then it was known as the Cinderella clock, which developed its theme).
I started it as a project early in the Covid-19 stuff, around March 2020, because it was a project I’d been planning for decades, to make a clock, and i had the time because we all had the time at that point in the world’s history.
I used most of the robust phone and chocolate and soap and sock and computer boxes people have gifted me over the years. it was great to get rid of so many boxes (and make a space in the upstairs storage box where I keep my boxes inside boxes).
The clock has lived in my lounge room for a while now, but i need the space, so I would love to set fire to it. It’s coming into summer and there’s a total fire ban, so that won’t be happening, so I guess I’ll just dump it into the recycling. Or take a rubber mallet to it and crush it first. I’ll keep the staircase and probably the two larger boxes with books inside, but the rest will go.
This video shows you a final glimpse and also outlines what I learnt. For example:

  • build from the ground up and make it broader at the bottom than at the top 
  • I used a glue gun, but that’s not enough, i probably have to papier mache or tape a little to keep it together
  • think about how i’ll display it and how i’ll move it around (this one fortunately got through the narrow doorway between my studio and my lounge room, but that was pretty much pure luck). 
  • if i’m stacking heavier boxes on top then the flimsier boxes won’t hold it up
  • a stack of books just glued together will not stay together (i should have done like i did when i made book stacked door stops – drill a hole through, add wire, then glue the covers shut
  • think in advance how the clock mechanism will be attached – maybe work out how to enclose it inside an actual box because this one was on a game board and I got out of it by just not having a mechanism).  

It was fun to make and since for me art is all about the process of making i’m happy to see it go now. 

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