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Vampire clock

Cindy Tonkin - April 17, 2020

When speaking about this “grandfather clock” I misnamed it a “vampire clock”.

I’ve been meaning to make a grandfather clock-like object for years now. I have a google photos album of things i want to make and i have several pictures of clocks in there.

My plan was to glue together the many phone, chocolate and wine boxes people have given me in the past 5 – 7 years into a tower. These ones look more like giant birdhouses (well one is 6 feet high now, the others only knee height).

Here are the many iterations. i had to make them a plain colour to stop my eye being distracted by the advertising branding etc, then turquoise was lovely but not what i was after. the turquoise paint was left over from painting my balcony easter 2015 or so when i lived in st peters (so 5 years ago now!).¬† ¬†then i went over it with some white and some gold but it didn’t do what I wanted. Next was some lilac house paint from the bathroom here in Newtown. I’ve begun adding curlicues and frames and i’m liking it.

i did buy a $2.50 clock from kmart and take out its innards, but i dropped them from a great height too many times and the clock part doesn’t work any more. but i am cool with that. the plan is to make some curly hands and put them over the top of the plastic ones.

next i need a few clock faces (or even just one). I have before made works of JUST clock faces – i made maybe 50 in 2010. in fact clocks and clock faces feature quite a lot in my work: see here.

still under construction, but with covid 19 in train i have time. it’s nice to just add a little every day. and then to find space to display it!

More to come.

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