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Monopoly 2020

Cindy Tonkin - October 18, 2020

I found a Monopoly board in the street last week. It took me back to the Kimonopoly series I did in 2010 or so.

I’m combining this with the house series, and this is no longer kimono inspired, but the papers are mostly origami papers so it still has a Japanese related feel!

The creative issue  is showing enough of the board to get the fact that I’m reimagining a monopoly board, but also have something which is aesthetically interesting.

There are plenty of themic commentaries to make (covid and houses, monopoly and property development, rich neighbourhoods being re-imagined by the yuppies, the stations on the board have been made into residential housing, there’s way more houses than just those on the board, the jail only has a visiting place – too crowded?). 

But i’m not clear that any of them are anything more than re interpretation. 

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