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Cello Clock

Cindy Tonkin - May 20, 2022

I’ve been working on this clock for months (first image is 8 April, 2022, final image is 15 May 2022). 

Conceiving of it and creating the base from old coffee table drawers was easy. 

Connecting it (with l shaped brackets and screws) was harder, and then keeping it stable even harder.

I learnt from the Cinderella clock about giving it a stable base – the castors on this clock will take 400kg of weight – I paid a fortune for them when I put my bed on castors a few years ago (that bed is now gone). The base is the bottom of a cupboard Cathie gave me. 

When these drawers were in a coffee table I painted them Buster Blue (to match my stairs) inside, and that colour survived a few iterations, but now the clock is all one colour (will i add some distressing colours, or a chalk effect, probably not, but never say never). 

I tried different clock faces, for a long time I had a venetian blind slat as the neck, now it’s a piece of a wardrobe/hanging thing I picked up in the street to make a desk leg from (but wow, isn’t it lovely to have it rounded?). I had originally just painted it white, and then I fixed on the creme colour that my house exterior was painted in (because there was plenty of it).

The cello was originally held up by L brackets, now I have put the feet of a mirror I found in the street in to hold it – they are not totally square, so the cello looks skew, but that’s part of it. 

The cello sits at an angle, just like it’s leaning against a wall.

I made a cello shape for the back to make the back interesting.

How I display it is now the issue – it tends to blend into the white wall (which is why I stopped it being white), so I probably need it to be against a dark wall (or do I turn it blue?). 

The clock is a $3 clock kit I bought on e bay (i did consider multiple clocks, once I worked out I could literally hang the clock off a screw, it didn’t need to be embedded). I added a plant which is now growing behind the cello in the drawer. There are a few metal tubes/canisters from champagne that nicola gave me hiding some of the ugly joins.

 I’m kinda liking it. I’ve already started to gather some interesting things to make my next clock out of.  

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