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More keys

Cindy Tonkin - July 27, 2021

Phase II of the chandelier.

When last we left our hero there was some concern over the weight of keys.

You missed some chapters where I rooted through all of my jars and boxes to try and find some jewelry wire which evaded capture, but eventually I remembered fishing line in my cupboard.

There was a similar pursuit around the neighbourhood for something round (i came back from a walk with a chair back with circles cut into it, and the cover of an old bass drum) that could hold the weight of dozens of keys. Which concluded in noticing the top of a hat stand put aside in my lounge room to work with the abandoned cello (which may, in fact, end up with the chandelier somehow?).

There was the red herring order of cup hooks from e bay (found to be too small for the purpose they were purchased for, but in fact, white plastic encased they worked perfectly on the current version of the chandelier).

I have zinssered the hat stand multiple times, and last night I added tiny cup hooks and fishing lined together 6 sets of 5 – 6 keys. i hung them one way up, and then up-ended it.

I’m just now realising the homage to DuChamp’s hat rack which i do love (it’s all about the shadows).

I am not sure if i will keep it this way up, and for now it’s hanging outside my studio, but maybe I will find a place in my home to suspend it. Or work out a way to use the lamp stand I picked up in the street earlier this week.

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