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Wallpaper – windows and maps

Cindy Tonkin - January 9, 2018

These pieces were printed on the same wall paper as these ones.

There are a few different series within these ones.

There are the ones which look like frames on the page – they were essentially backing sheets as I printed this book.

There are the other full pages which have fish on them (i literally added a sushi-acquired soy sauce fish on top of the matrix).

Other objects in the monoprints include laser cut windows and some hessian, Nicola’s cast-off London walks map, some tarlatan, and a stack of offcut frames.

The offcut frames came from the letterpress place in Bowral. Glen and I went in to see the presses, and they were cutting note pages. I asked for the offcuts. I got thousands of the things! They will become something soon. Watch this space.

The important thing about these wallpapers are that the backs of them are all in the same leathery texture with bubbles on them. Some have a snake skin printed over the top. They feel a little like leather, and the paper really loves the printing ink. You can see the lovely buff colour of the paper.

Each wallpaper page is 30 – 45 cms across (because I ripped the pages out, also because they were sized to display in the book), and around 40cm high.

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