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Wallpaper – jasmine and leaves

Cindy Tonkin - January 9, 2018

This is a series of monoprints done on the reverse side of the wallpaper book I found by the side of the road in Sydenham just before summer school.

The series is not yet bound, and it will probably happen soon.

The different sessions on the press tend to go together (i worked in sets of about 2 hours, using pretty much the same elements printed in different configurations).

This one was using jasmine pulled from a house we are staying in at Sturt. I laid the jasmine on the matrix and made both positive and negative prints of it, using both sepia and black inks. The other elements included some velvety fabric (it worked on one side but not the other, so it disappeared from the prints early in the piece) and some of the netting that comes around oranges in the supermarket.

Because we used oil based inks the monoprints also printed from each other – which added another layer of complexity to prints!








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