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Open press

Cindy Tonkin - November 11, 2020

I got a new open press 3d printed tiny press last week. I’ve been waiting for it since the beginning of time (ok, maybe for 18 months?).

it only takes a tiny print, but it is lovely. Not sure how i will use it, but i have it now and i anticipate a frenzy of monoprinting when i crank it up (which will be after i get out of my collage funk!).
and i could not find any ink to print (i turned my studio upside down and it is either in the attic or discarded), so i embossed with what was at hand.

These are by no means great – i embossed (which worked fine, discovered put a soft cushion under AND over the print made a difference to the detail of a coin or a leaf embossed on a page), and then i shaded with sharpies (they were there).

These are from A5 card cut more or less in half height wise (the press is really tiny). When i looked for printmaking stuff I found there was a leaf just in there from last time i did monoprints with Glen Skien at Sturt in January 2018.
So here are some embossed leaves. just as stock and a reminder of what i could do with the press.

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