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Watercolours from the past

Cindy Tonkin - November 21, 2020

In July 2006 James and I went to Paris, Milan, Lake Como and the Loire. It was a fabulous holiday with lots of beautiful places and memorable times. I have a whole travel journal on my shelf of the memories. 

Here are some watercolours I found last week when setting up for collages, and because they probably aren’t on this blog, I am adding them now. I had a debate with myself about whether to add them in 2020 or in 2006, and 2020 won.  

I had taken a small set of watercolour paints, and was planning on buying paper, but we couldn’t find any. There was a memorable day roaming around Lugano trying to remember the Italian word for watercolours, or to find an art store. In the end, I found a small post card sized book, and these are they. I painted front and back. 

I don’t believe there is much value in them, but they are imbued with memories. If nothing else the blackberry (remember blackberries?) by my breakfast bowl. 

I do like the texture and slight unpredictable nature of water colours. 

I’m being a little ruthless about paper at the moment, I suspect I could just work with the papers I have for the next 10 years and not buy any more, and I also know how many things I have made which have never been seen except on this blog (or by Sydney BAG). So I’m culling things I don’t need. I think these ones are gone now!

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