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Inspired offcuts Jan 22

Cindy Tonkin - January 26, 2022

Having seen Matisse at the AGNSW a few weeks ago, and having worked on collages in his style for maybe 3 months now, I have a heap of offcuts.

My current round of offcut collages use offcuts from all of the Klee, Matisse, Feininger, etc that I’ve done in the last few weeks. I usually begin with a juicy offcut (saved in an envelope for just this kind of time). I choose a plain coloured background from my stash of coloured A4 copy paper, place it somewhere on the page. Sometimes I wait for inspiration to kick in by positioning 3 to 5 offcuts at once. Sometimes give myself a lecture for being precious about it and stick it down immediately. I certainly have no idea even sometimes when it’s done what i am making. I position and glue, and occasionally cut a slightly random bit to make it happen.

at the beginning of a night’s work I will be more cautious. by the time I’ve gotten through a few episodes of whatever I’m watching (last few days has been rom coms – the Wedding Singer because I saw the musical last week, then the Wedding Date (because algorithms)), by then I am loose enough to make my own offcuts basically. Currently working on my coffee table because my studio is filled with stuff from around my house: my brother is renovating for me, and the washing machine, dryer and assorted other gear block access to my studio desk. I upgraded last night to use one of those little ramps you are supposed to put your PC on when you work in bed. Needs must. it works well for A4 sized works.

Here is a few days worth of output (it seems I’m managing around 10 per night that I sit down to it at the moment!)

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