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Inspired offcuts Feb 22

Cindy Tonkin - January 30, 2022

This set of collages are, just like the last post, inspired by offcuts from my series of copies of the masters’ works.

I’ve been watching a series of Nora Ephron rom-coms, and putting my hand into the plastic sleeve where the offcuts live, and then adding to whatever comes out. Sometimes i add a new offcut, sometimes I cut a shape to work with what’s there. I’ve added books of flute and saxophone music to my paper source stack, and you’ll even see the insides of a few envelopes from westpac bank with loan statements (which they will not send me electronically, what a waste of paper).

I’m mid-renovation (in the true sense of making new again) and my studio is deep under piles of tools, sandpaper, painting equipment and other paraphernalia. so for the past maybe 4 weeks I’ve been working on my knee at the coffee table while seated on the lounge. It means working A4 size is easy, and that’s what probably contributed to me working with artist’s books for so long – the small size makes it portable. plus it feeds my love of sometehing small: for example my epibox is stalled because i don’t have space to stretch out and complete it – and even when i had the full studio i was working on it slowly.

Here, in any case, are my most recent collages.

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