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Make graceful and lasting change

History makes an abstract

Cindy Tonkin - February 6, 2022

This work is made by history.

In 2008 we had the kitchen redone, and they created a tiny-assed cupboard over the fridge. It wasn’t very useful, it didn’t take advantage of the full depth of the wall, and it was a problem when replacing the fridge.

My brother is making lots of small changes to my house, and he suggested we just pull it down.

When he did I commented that we should put a frame around the scar left in the wall – it showed several layers of colour. He took me seriously.

I was responsible for the top layer of pale blue white, visible at the left edge, and the caramel on the right edge. Under that is maybe 140 years of history – my house having been built in 1890. It’s possible this was an exterior wall originally (it’s the back of the lounge room, where it joins the now kitchen. I’ve left a few walls exposed in the house to show this beautiful bricks and mortar from the original house. This one has a frame

My facebook friends say it’s a hamburger and a hot dog. I could work into it, but i like it as it is.

My only change might be to get in there with the pliers and remove the black metal staple-like things which are supposed to fold over the glass in the frame (long broken). This frame was green and i painted it the dark blue/navy which is my favourite accent colour for the house right now (my stairs, a fireplace, a few stools, the french windows in my studio, and a few feature walls are this colour).

the frame is 30 x 40 cm.

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