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Improvised Shakespeare

Cindy Tonkin - July 26, 2008

Photo of a “communication” cover (I assume telephone lines). One of my minor obsessions is utility covers and their diversity (I even have a blog of them!).

It’s intermission at the Shakespeare. They began with a prepared monologue (which they revealed as prepared in the monologue itself), and asked for the name of a play that Shakespeare never wrote. They got “The Prince Cannot Come”.

The players are wearing jerkin-like shirts (with the leather laces at the front), and have rolled up their pants/jeans to reveal (mostly) red football socks.

So far it has been pretty entertaining. 3 nice little sub plots, only one glaring lack of listening (a man declared himself a woman, and his fellow player assumed him a man). They quickly recovered from the faux pas (he has stayed a man), and with total good grace.

Tonight is a 6 man cast. Second (and final) act to come.

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