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Cindy Tonkin - January 8, 2024

I’ve done this before: I have taken old masters from the Book of Art (an encyclopedia covering centuries of art which belonged to my ex-mother-in-law). And I put unlikely people together. I’m calling it events right now, but I’ll probably give it an even better name. I’ve used the Book of Art covers to make concertina. And inside some altered books: Relation Altered, Brunei and the LC Turns book

The substrate/background is an old calendar in book form, although little will remain of it when I am done. I used the same calendar to make a very different thing here. Again I took the calendar out of its spiral back with the intention of returning it. I have had some success with the returning, but now I read that I didn’t really succeed last time, so let’s see!

I’ve covered both sides of the pages, I’ve gone to the effort of making facing pages look like they were designed to be together (although perspective changes from one side to the other).

it’s been like a giant jigsaw puzzle. I worked on it all week in Bowral (while Nicola was at Sturt Summer School). I’ve returned today, so I wanted to just post these images of what it looked like before I began (because I didn’t take any before). I used up most of my Posca markers (bought for Sports Cars). And bought some more (turns out if you buy them in packs you get colours you don’t seem to be able to get individually!). And some colours (the pale blue I favour for creating spoons) is only available in the smaller nib (i like 2.5 mm, because I often use them to basically shade / colour backgrounds, while the finer nib is better for line work (which I don’t do!). The pale blue is a fabulous colour though, so can’t do without it. I seem to have bought a gold instead of a black (so I better get moving on using up the gold ones before they dry out!!). So I’m researching online for more markers (it’s become an obsession, I guess).

Here’s some of the pre-pix. Post-pix to come in a few days when I’ve done the whole book.

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