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Cindy Tonkin - September 20, 2020

Cut from an old calendar which was in a large book. Bronwen Black gave them to me at least 4 years ago (it was part of the batch of calendars which made Sky Dreams and its friends, in Aug 2018).

There are 2 of them, and they have lived under my stairs for 3 years nearly now!

I took the pages out of the spiral binding, with the intention of putting them back in (that would have been a feat). but i fed the houses into the cricut the wrong way up, so the spiral binding punch out holes have formed part of the page decoration. And i bound it onto a concertina spine (basically a single flag book).

I love the pix inside (especially the old lady looking at James Dean posters) which are mostly Italian i believe.

I am still thinking that at some point the house motif will get boring, but i leave my studio for a few days and return to find them there and they enchant me.

The leftovers / negative space from this piece go into making the tunnel book Domenica

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