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Cindy Tonkin - September 20, 2020

These are the innards of 2006.

in 2016 or so Avril Makula gifted me a heap of these square mats, because at the time I was working on the tunnels and carousels from Golden Books.

For our exhibition Replay I used the mats instead to make my postcard series (with houses, see the link?) and now I’ve used the last half dozen to make this tunnel book.

This time I learnt from my Peter Rabbit problem where i got the perspective backwards (large things at the back of the tunnel, small things at the front). But i realise it’s an issue with the form: in order to see the back panels, you need to make the front panels smaller (or at least take up less of the frame).

The front of this is supposed to be the coloured parts, but it does look beautiful from the white / back side.

it measures 23 x 23 cm each panel, and they are about 5 cm apart. It’s called Domenica because that’s the italian day of the week which shows on the back.

I did add in a few hand cut trees and some red patches so that when you do look through the front windows of the houses you see pleasing colours.

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