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Sky Dreams

Cindy Tonkin - August 3, 2018

When Bronwen Black gave me these calendars that I’ve been working with one of the most exciting ones was this calendar depicting close ups of skys from master (Turner, van Gogh, others).

So once I had made Poster I felt keen to try it with this piece of paper!

I changed things a little: the poem is The Cloths of Heaven (not all of it, just the “good” words). the letters are a little higher. Just as for Poster I used a blue marker to write the words (the next one will not have any letters visible at the end, see here). I’m kinda in love with that denim blue marker, and I do love the way the white poking out through the blue from the back.

The skies make it, though. The three pieces from which the skies were enlarged are photographed and in the pix below: the dark grey is wonderful with Vincent’s pale blue ata the base, and the orange cover is delightful. i wasn’t quite prepapred for how well they’d go together!

The finished book is 15 x 15 x 5 cm.

Double concertina with cover.

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