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LC Turns Dinner

Cindy Tonkin - September 18, 2023

So Nicola gave me this book which she picked up in the dumpster at Parliament House Library.

It’s apparently the book where they used to record the Hansard people going into and out of the Legislative Council Chamber.
i used some of its pages as background for a collage piece.

Here’s a tour through the book before I took the pages out.

I’m using images from What Makes a Masterpiece (see inside here).

I was working on Relation and noticed that I had a lot of portraits which were too small to do the things I was doing with large faces and long bodies, and remembered the series of Animals having afternoon tea, which I enjoyed, becuase of its whimsy. So I created a long table and put the people behind it. I drew in chairs (my thing, right?). I made collage bottles and glasses.

It caused me to go through all of my collage wherewithal (oh, i have so many boxes) and rationalise some of that (mostly pages of print), which was a lovely Friday afternoon’s work! Sometimes I’m not feeling creative, but I want to be, so sorting through paper to find things is a great thing to do. Had to remind myself that I wasn’t about reducing or rationalising my shelves, because I did get a little side-tracked in that, but I came out with food.

I’m on the look out for some more Donna Hay magazines for the foods now, i think – either that or i need to create my own on the cricut in a few different colours or patterns. The vessels in this one are hand cut with scissors.

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