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Four houses

Cindy Tonkin - January 8, 2024

You know houses are a thing for me.

Went away to Sturt (well, Nicola did, i stayed in an air bnb and made art). This was a thing i did to ease into it all (it’s like the first pancake, you know it’s gonna flop). It didn’t flop, but it’s not perfect. but here they are.

made from 4 x MAC eyeshadow boxes saved for the purpose after I made Village Three. I had intentions of incorporating them into a fab champagne bottle box nicola gave me (it is hinged!), but this is what I did.

The roofs are from a Van Gogh piece (details in the images below). The windows from Raphael (wow!). They were from the Book of Art which i have been plundering for a while. See here and here and many other places.

These please me more than the large ones do (although I should have stopped at 3 houses, they look better.

I remembered that I planned to make a cricut pattern so i could scale it, and more importantly so i didn’t have to bodgey up the roof (for each of these I had to add a piece of paper, wasn’t quite so good. ended up re-wrapping in brown paper (but what I i had brown papered (other papered) the card before cutting? what i you could see through the windows and inside was decorated too? ooh, excited now I’m home from Sturt to make a whole city full of the little baby things – with cricut and properly tabbed and cut pieces i could go down to even say 1cm??? ooh, the possibilities.

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