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Cindy Tonkin - October 7, 2023

This altered book i guess is part of a series, because I’ve been using masterpiece portraits and paintings from the Uffizi, the Pitti and other museums for a while now. Most recently in these books

I picked up the book, Beautiful Brunei, in the street library in Clara Street, mostly because of its format – short (about 40 double pages, which i cut down to about 13), and squarish.

I have kept some of the original images, and collaged into them, but I wanted to keep playing with the dinner party for masterpieces theme. This time with mostly fake food. I’m getting better at drawing hands (but I’m not great). Many of these portraits didn’t have hands, and what was I going to add the spoons into if they didn’t have hands to hold them?

this book has some extra large portraits and some rather small ones (mostly taken from people hanging about under the cross for crucifixions in Great Art. If you’re clever and well-arted you will recognise where each portrait comes from, and I did not even attempt to track where they all came from (i’ve now carved up 4 or 5 books, including the Book of Art for the Sports Cars book, so i have scraps from all over which wend their way into my hands.

I’ve started using the 15 litre container of Bondcrete that my brother left behind as glue, mostly because it’s there and it’s free. he says it’s amped up PVA, and theoretically i should water it down, but for now it’s wet enough. it usually ripples the paper on first contact, but at least things are staying together (with the glue sticks I was using until now that wasn’t always true with china-coated papers).

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