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123 Pitti

Cindy Tonkin - September 4, 2023

For 3 or 4 weeks I’ve been working on this board book.

I picked it up in the street, and my original intention was to do something where I unbound it and etched into each page with the cricut, and re bound it. But one Friday I was off to Cathie’s to make art and I had nothing on the boil. You’ll find an in-progress set of photographs below where I had already blanked out some of the contents, but not all (i am not organised enough to remember to pre-shoot!)

I took my guide to the Pitti Palace bought in Paris in 2004 or thereabouts and infused the fairy tale worlds with some medieval worlds and palaces. It’s a logical progression from Sports Cars which drew on the Uffizi Guide bought the same year, and Chairs and Airplanes (which began with a book about architect Frank Lloyd Wright (and some photographs of armchairs).

It has drawn heavily on my new Posca markers (now I think i have every colour they offer). The golden yellow marker has been a lovely match for the yellows and even some of the greens in the 123 book.

Here’s the video of the finished product.

Here is the original counting book, and the original Pitti Palace book. I had begun to alter it already so you’ll see some elements have been painted out (with my fabulous Posca markers).

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