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Sports Cars Finally

Cindy Tonkin - June 12, 2023

After probably 2 months I am pleased to put this piece to bed. You’ll find previous posts on this massive altered book at these links: Sports Cars 1, Sports Cars 2

I have enjoyed it, and it’s so big it takes up my entire desk. By the time Kevin sits on one edge of the desk (on the piece) I’ve often been “paralysed” in one page.

It has caused me to invest in a dozen or so new paint markers, with some blues which I love. And moved me forward in my altered books path.

I have made a video – 4 in fact – showing the special bits of each page, and you’ll find images of the individual pages at the end of this post.

Having spent some time with my BAG buddies on the weekend talking about my process, i will get around to writing a post on that in the next little while.

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