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Birthday memory concertina

Cindy Tonkin - February 12, 2017

My friend Nicola had her 50th recently.

I made her two separate books for people to write birthday memories and wishes in.

These are they.

a simple 10 page concertina, stamped with tiny birthday cakes (they look like aliens) and hearts. 50 of each.

I bought the “made just for you, because you’re priceless” stamp at dick blick in chicago in july. finally a chance to use it!

The second book has 25 pages (for a bigger party) and i re-fashioned a kindle box for it to sit in. The coloured paper was a special at reverse garbage a few weeks ago.

This time I used a tiny shoe stamp. There are 50 shoes in the book. Concertinas joined with the same paper that covered the box.\

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