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Art in Boxes

Cindy Tonkin - August 2, 2023

I’ve been saying I’ll do it for weeks and I finally did it today – i spent a little time in Marrickville Library, which was built about 5 years ago.

the layout is fabulous, encouraging interactions, there’s a coffee shop INSIDE where you can buy a drink, there were high schoolers all over the place, it had a real buzz.

I found level 2 is just filled with art books. I stood at a table and took pix of this fabulous book, Art in Boxes. It’s ancient, most of the images are black and white. but i found heaps of fabulous things I wanted to see again. So here they are.

It reminded me that Sports Cars was related to the Art Gallery in a box (it’s kinda an art show in a big book).

It also reminded me of the work of Louise Nevelson, which I was introduced to, in photo, back when i did assemblage at Sturt in 2004 or so.

I even found a Joseph Cornell i have not yet seen in life or in books: Pantry Ballet for Jacques Offenbach. It lives in a Kansas city museum, so unless it goes on tour i probably will never see it I guess.

It gave me a use for a few lamp bases I have salvaged from the street – boxes on pedestals. Now to make or procure or find some boxes.

So all in all a good half hour in a Library! I plan to go back again.

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