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Walking with Scissors

Cindy Tonkin - August 11, 2012


acrylic, collage, thread, small objects on canvas 75x60cm 2012
As part of my walking mini-series, this piece draws on an old Sumerian map. It shows you where I take my morning walks.
The word walk is spelt out, just to make it clear, and on this map a pair of scissors actually marks my hairdressers!
The pearls mark a street which looks great when all the otto bins are lined up (I have a penchant for repeating objects). There’s also marked with blue bead the places where I’ve picked up excellent “found objects”. One of my favourites was a Reader’s Digest Favourite Classical Tunes Everyone Loves To Hear Record Set. It had been raining. They were waiting for me in a laneway just off Enmore Road. One day I’ll find out what I’ll make it into.
In the meantime, here’s the map so you can go walking for treasure too.

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