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The King’s Head

Cindy Tonkin - February 6, 2021

This King’s head was inspired by an aztec one made of timber that was in the window of a Mexican homewares store in 2006 or so. I copied it, but of course mine did not resemble much the one I copied – mine acquired a lean which I quite like, adds humility to the royalty! Now in 2021 the head has moved around with me a few times and at some point Kevin, my cat, toppled him, so there are pieces of his crown around and he is half uncrowned, but he still sits in my yard.

At the same workshop I made dancing girls, this time inspired by a smaller candle holder I owned which was figures in a circle holding hands (around a candle base). They lived in my yard for a while till they disintegrated. All that remains are the images!

Also tried to make a flower to hang on Diana’s wall, but when it was fired it broke. If that happened now I would just glue it together with silicone, but at the time I thought it was going to be too hard.

Teacher was Margo Gabsi, just like this workshop.

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