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Surgery and History

Cindy Tonkin - August 16, 2008

Spent the morning at the Surgical Science Museum and the Chicago History Museum.

I saw an iron lung, the history of eyeglasses, various “stones” (from kidney to ovarian), an apothecary’s shop and a magnificent mansion built to mirror the tirelessly coped Petit Trianon.

In the Chicago History Museum I realised how much I have absorbed about Chicago over the past 5 weeks and my assorted tours.

But I did learn that both Encyclopedia Britannica and World Book were headquartered here, that the band Chicago is actually from Chicago, and was reminded that Ferris Bueller’s Day Off was set here. (And My Best Friend’s Wedding, the Blues Brothers and While You Were Sleeping).

The 1893 and 1934 World’s Expositions featured heavily. I climbed into the engine of a train, and pushed all the buttons in the Chicago Diorama, itself a museum piece, created in the 1930’s to show the history of Chicago.

Now off to get ready for the show!

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