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Sneakrets from Tara and rance

Cindy Tonkin - June 24, 2016

This is a teaching tool created by Tara de Francisco and rance rizzutto.

Half of the cast got a sneakret  (something they had to do once in the show).
The other half could make up their own.
If you saw someone make a move that you thought was a sneakret you had to replicate it.
Made for a fun show with interesting elements.

Sneakers samples:
  • Sing something
  • Leave the scene
  • Repeat a significant word or phrase
  • Paint a scene
  • Steal someone’s character
  • Tell a real secret
  • Play an animal
Improv is open source.  When someone does something cool, weird, odd mirror the move.

If you’re in your head is because you dropped out of presence and that’s you not the form.

Photo: This is most of my advanced intensive class. having dinner at the Bourgeois Pig in Old Town


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