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Sleeping Flags

Cindy Tonkin - June 24, 2018

Sleeping flags is a flag book structure. Made from wood.

It is an outdoor installation for Replay (this film was taken on my balcony).

Constructing it was an adventure. It’s made from ikea bed slats picked up i the street. I tried using liquid nails and staples and it was too heavy to stand up by itself. So i had to use hammer and nails to secure each pair of slats. I have attached it to the base of an ikea coffee table also picked up in the street.

Initially i wanted to make an actual flag book which would fold up, but i i wasn’t prepared to drill all of the holes for hinges. So it’s an almost flag book.

At the moment the flags are on skewers, and there are only 5 of them. It may well acquire a few more flags before it’s finally installed.

It’s held together with nails, staples and liquid nails.

Because part of its purpose is to attract attention to our exhibition which takes place in a small room behind a big restaurant and cafe, i added christmas lights and some glow in the dark moon and stars (why not?).

It’s paired with another installation (photos to come) which I’ve called

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